Academic Life Coaching

Academic Life Coaching

The ARC is excited to offer Academic Life Coaching, available to all Wooster students at no additional cost. Students are eligible for up to 8 Academic Life Coaching sessions per semester with a certified academic life coach.

What is Academic Life Coaching?

Academic Life Coaching is a program for students who are committed to their personal growth, ready for change and who are eager to achieve their goals. Students can partner with an Academic Life Coach to establish and fulfill their academic, social, professional, and personal goals. Some areas that are typically explored include:

  • Academic thinking styles – understand different ways to seek out and organize information in more effective ways
  • Science of learning – develop long term learning
  • Core motivation – understand what really motivates you
  • Build empathy – see situations from different points of view
  • Leadership – cultivate your personal passion and mission
  • Resilience – learn to recover from setbacks and bounce back faster

What can you expect from an Academic Life Coach?

  • Motivate, guide, and advise you. Coaching is not about providing solutions, but rather working with you to come up with your own
  • Support you with developing clear communication skills, time management, study skills, utilizing campus resources and beyond
  • Challenge you to reach new levels of achievement
  • Hold you accountable for following through with your goals
  • Always be direct and honest
  • Ignite your potential

What your coach will expect from you:

  • Be open to discussing challenges and sharing successes that occur in and out of school
  • Be a strong communicator regarding needs and goals
  • Learn the importance of personal growth through feedback
  • Be open to change and taking risks
  • Maintain scheduled meeting times
  • Always be honest

Academic Life Coaching vs. Therapy or Counseling

Academic Life Coaching is not therapy or counseling: While Academic Life Coaching can have positive impact on students, it should not be a substitute for therapy or counseling. The major difference between therapy/counseling and life coaching is the focus of the work: Therapy/counseling focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals. Therapy/counseling often focuses on the past whereas life coaching focuses on the present and moves toward the future.

For more information on therapy and counseling services, please connect with our Wellness Center.

Meet the Academic Life Coaches

There are currently 2 certified Academic Life Coaches, Amber Larson and Kate Gullatta who work in the ARC, and who have received certifications recognized by the International Coaching Federation.

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