Renewal Information for Previously Approved Accommodations

Renewal of Housing/Dining Accommodations:

Students who have been previously approved for housing and/or dining accommodations will need to notify ARC staff of their request for renewal of this accommodation each year by February 1st. Housing accommodations are not automatically reassigned to students each year. Students do not need to provide updated documentation unless they are seeking new accommodations or wish to extend temporary accommodations.

Renewal of Academic Accommodations:

  • If you have been approved for academic accommodations through the Academic Resource Center and wish to use your accommodation(s) in a course, you will have to notify your course instructors via ClockWork’s function to Request Accommodation Letters.
  • Students should send Accommodation Letters as stated above at the start of every semester to notify and inform instructors that you have accommodations on-file which may be applicable to their course.

Approved Accommodations for Extended Time Testing:

The most common accommodation on Wooster’s campus is the use of extended time on exams. Students with approved testing accommodations will receive a weekly reminder email that contains detailed instructions regarding testing policies and procedures as well as the link to our test request form. Due to availability of the ARC’s space and the time needed for logistical planning we ask that students adhere to our policies to the best of their abilities. In advance of receiving this email, please read and keep the following information in mind.

When scheduling to take an exam in the ARC:

  1. Exams are administered between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.
  2. Students must schedule their exams at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled exam to allow ample time for communication with instructors and organization of resources. Monday exam requests must be made by the afternoon of the previous Thursday.
  3. Students must arrive earlier than their scheduled exam booking times for preparation and timely administration. If you expect a delay, please notify the ARC as soon as you can.
  4. Students who need to cancel or move an exam should do so as soon as they become aware of the need. Students who request testing times that do not align with typical class times must provide proof of faculty approval of the proposed timing to ARC staff through
  5. Students may be asked to take their exam at an adjusted time if their extended time accommodation would conflict with the meeting times of other adjacent courses in their schedule. In these instances, students should refer to the weekly reminder and instruction details for how to schedule an appropriate exam time which would end with ample time to attend their next class.

Please refer to this link for an example of the Weekly Reminder and Instructions for Academic Resource Center Test Scheduling. Any questions you might have about testing accommodations and bookings are welcome to be directed to

 Academic Resource Center Test Request Form

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*If this is your first time scheduling with us, select Register Here, then select Schedule an appointment.