Academic Support and Skill Development

Whether you are a first year adjusting to college life or if you are a senior designing your Independent Study, our staff members can help you discover new strategies to meet the ever-increasing challenges you experience at the College of Wooster and beyond.

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LinkedIn Learning

The College of Wooster has also partnered with Linked In Learning to provide opportunities to develop and master academic and professional skills. Linked in Learning can be used to set Career Goals and receive recommended courses and skills based on the goals you set. Finish a series and receive recognition on your own LinkedIn Site.

Academic Skill Development

Academic Goal Setting

  • Short-term (“Get me through this week, please!”)
  • Mid-term (“How can this be my best semester yet?”)
  • Long-term (“How am I going to be an amazing student at The College of Wooster?”)

Reading Support

  • Steps to Strategic Reading
  • Reading speed & efficiency (“How can I read 60 pages for tomorrow?!”)
  • Reading comprehension skills (“I just don’t understand what I am reading.”)
  • Vocabulary building (“I need more academic words.”)
  • Exploring a reading disability diagnosis (“I’ve never been able to look into this, but…”)
  • Reading for English language learners

I.S. Organization and Management

  • Creating a plan
  • Setting goals and small deadlines
  • Building confidence and managing the I.S. stress! (Yes, we can help and will cheer you on!)

Time Management

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For information on additional Academic Resources our staff recommends, check out this link and read on to see our list of custom handouts.