Recommended Academic Resources

For when you aren’t able to meet with an ARC staff member but would still like tools for your academic advantage, the ARC staff have you covered. Learn about some of our favorite resources or try some of our custom-designed resources. See what works best for you!


The Academic Resource Center also offers all College of Wooster students the opportunity to make a Kurzweil 3000 account. Kurzweil is a powerful software with both web and desktop options that provides accessibility options to assist in reading, comprehension, writing, and test-taking. Kurzweil is a versatile and useful tool for any student, and you can learn more on our Kurzweil 3000 page.

Reading Plus

The Academic Resource Center offers a Reading Plus account to all students, starting with your enrollment at the College of Wooster. Using adaptive assessment, Reading Plus helps to see where your reading abilities might excel or need improvement. After you’ve taken the assessment, Reading Plus also provides personalized learning exercises to improve reading rate, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

Just 10 minutes per day of interactive exercises can significantly improve your reading skills! Learn more on our dedicated page for Reading Plus.

Other Software, Plugins, and Videos

Blackboard Ally File Transformer converts course files into alternative formats to accommodate different learning needs and preferences.

The Cold Turkey application can keep you on-task with features that “block websites, games and applications to boost your productivity” by Cold Turkey Software, Inc.

Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs by Eric Curts with Control Alt Achieve

For students using Google Chrome and searching for plugins to help with text-to-speech, readability, reading comprehension, focus, and navigation, the Academic Resource Center recommends reading this article to find tools that might help you.

The ARC’s suggested video playlist on YouTube