Academic Alerts and Care Team Reports

Academic Alerts

The Academic Resource Center monitors and responds to all of the Academic Alerts filed by faculty at The College of Wooster. An Academic Alert is a tool faculty can use to help notify a student that “something” is not going well in their course. Examples could be excessive absences, late assignments, poorly written assignments, failed exams… basically anything that would get in the way of student not being successful in the classroom. Faculty can access the Academic Alert form on Scotweb. Once filed, an Academic Alert shares a copy of details with the student, and the Academic Resource Center staff will immediately reach out to students who receive 2 or more Academic Alerts in semester.

Care Team

The Care Team is The College of Wooster’s behavioral support team that provides coordinated support for the entire campus community: students, faculty and staff. Care Team members are trained to help address concerns about stressful situations, behaviors, academic progress, and mental health. The team gathers information from personal interactions with students, faculty, staff and family members, and from referrals submitted by members of the Wooster community. The Care Team Referral Form is available for all Wooster community members to fill out if they think a student, faculty or staff member could use additional support over a personal concern.

Some students may require that both an Academic Alert and Care Team form be sent in. For example, some students may be experiencing poor academic progress because of a personal issue they have shared with faculty. In this case a Care Team report would be important, but an Academic Alert would also help to inform the student of how they are performing in the course. This helps to establish that academic behaviors need to change, or additional supports need to be added for the student to find success. Once a report is filed with the Care Team, they will assess whether the student may need additional support from the Wellness Center, CDI or Title IX and will coordinate with other departments as necessary.