Syllabus Statement

Sample Syllabus Statement:

Academic Resource Center: Academic Support, Disabilities, and English Language Learning 

Contact: Amber Larson,, (330)263-2595, ARC Website:  

[The first two paragraphs are encouraged but optional for your syllabus. However, we ask that at minimum, you include the Disability Support Statement (last paragraph).] 

The Academic Resource Center, which is in APEX (Gault library) offers a variety of academic support services, programs and 1:1 meetings available to all students. Popular areas of support include time management techniques, class preparation tips and test taking strategies. In addition, the Academic Resource Center coordinates peer-tutoring for several academic departments. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment. 

An additional support that the Academic Resource Center offers is English Language Learning. Students can receive instruction or support with English grammar, sentence structure, writing, reading comprehension, reading speed, vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking fluency, pronunciation, and American culture through 1:1 meetings with the Academic Resource Center staff, ELL Peer Tutoring, ELL Writing Studio courses, and other programming offered throughout the year.  

The Academic Resource Center coordinates accommodations for students with diagnosed disabilities. At the beginning of the semester, students should contact the Academic Resource Center to make arrangements for securing appropriate accommodations.  Although the Academic Resource Center will notify professors of students with documented disabilities and the approved accommodations, students are encouraged to speak with professors during the first week of each semester.  If a student does not request accommodations or does not provide documentation to the Academic Resource Center, faculty are under no obligation to provide accommodations.