Give a Gift

Gifts from donors like you make a difference in the way Wooster students learn and find support on campus.

Offering our services to all College of Wooster students, the Academic Resource Center supports ­­­­over 50% of the student body throughout their academic careers. With your support we are able to continuously provide resources that aid in the ways we assess student needs, to drive innovation in how we can meet students’ unique experiences and to improve the overall accessibility to support systems at the College.

Thanks to generous donors, we have been able to provide college-readiness-focused assessments such as the Learning and Studies Strategies Inventory (LASSI), reading skill development tools like Reading Plus, reading comprehension software such as Kurzweil 3000, and other innovative learning tools to every student at the College of Wooster.

If you would like to continue to see College of Wooster students thrive in their collegiate experiences, please consider donating to the Pam Rose Endowed Fund, established in honor of the esteemed 30-year director of the Academic Resource Center (formerly the Learning Center). Visit the College’s Wooster Fund Giving page to designate your gift, leaving the “Areas of Impact” checkboxes blank and specifying your contribution to the Pam Rose Endowed fund in the additional comments section. 

Thank you for helping us continue to support College of Wooster students!