Applying for New Academic Accommodations

Students who are new to Academic Resource Center and are seeking accommodations for academic needs should follow the steps below.

New Students to the Academic Resource Center:

  1. Navigate to the Academic Resource Center(ARC)’s ClockWork Student Portal and log in with your Wooster credentials.
    *Google Chrome is the preferred browser when completing the form.
  2. Select the Register Here Button if this is your first-time scheduling with the ARC.
  3. Complete the intake form and all questions pertaining to your disability-related needs.
  4. At this point, a member of the Academic Resource Center will need to complete the intake process on their end. Please allow at least one business day for this process to be completed.

If you are already registered with Clockwork:

  1. At the main page of the ClockWork Student Portal, click on Online Forms. 
  2. Next, you will go to the Request for New or Additional Accommodations and click on “Fill in this Form”.
  3. After you are done completing the Request for New or Additional Accommodations page, you will choose the “Go to the Home Page” button. 
  4. At the home page, you will select “Student Files”.
  5. Upload your recently completed medical documentation completed by a qualified licensed professional*.
    • Neuro-psychological report, supporting medical documentation and/or educational evaluation report for academic accommodations should be from within the last 3-5 years. If your 504 and/or IEP has the testing embedded in it, a separate neuropsychological report is not necessary.
    • If a recent medical report or neuro-psychological/educational evaluation report is not available, a student may have a qualified licensed professional* fill out the Disability Information and Verification Form and submit this form as documentation. (This document has restricted editing and will only allow you to provide text in specific fillable fields. It should be downloaded before being filled out.)
  6. Make an appointment with Carly Jones to review your documentation, discuss your history of supports, and determine next steps for accommodations.

*Please see the Academic Resource Center’s Policies and Procedures Handbook for the definition of a qualified licensed professional.

A yellow button with a vertically aligned, blue deconstructed tartan, containing a link to schedule an appointment at the Academic Resource Center

*If this is your first time scheduling with us, select Register Here, then select Schedule an appointment.