Financial Contact Information

“Accepting” purchases in DatatelTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
“Record security violation” error messageConnie McCartySr. Programmer/Analyst/Applications Development/IT2199
1042-S forms issuedLisa CrawfordAccounts Payable Manager2086
1099 forms issuedLisa CrawfordAccounts Payable Manager2086
Account access in DatatelMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Advances for business travelJoe HudsonAccounts Payable Coordinator2314
Approval levels in DatatelMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Asset sales – government-funded-assetsSonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Asset sales – non-federalSheila WilsonAVP for Auxillary Ops, Proc & Contract Mgmt/Purchasing2222
Bidding process for purchasesTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
Billing studentsKrista WayAccounts Receivable Manager2007
Budget questions & reports & transfers – Non-PayrollMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Budget questions & reports & transfers – PayrollEileen WalkerAssociate Vice President and Controller2018
Camps & conferences – payments/depositsJennifer KirkpatrickStaff Accountant2070
Capital project accountsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Cash collection & managementAndrea JeffersBusiness Office Administrative Coordinator2321
Cash depositsAndrea JeffersBusiness Office Administrative Coordinator2321
Checks – cashingAndrea JeffersBusiness Office Administrative Coordinator2321
Checks – picking up, replacing, stopping paymentJoe HudsonAccounts Payable Coordinator2314
Closing requisitions & purchase ordersTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
ContractsSheila WilsonAVP for Auxillary Ops, Proc & Contract Mgmt/Purchasing2222
Corrections/Reclassification in accountsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Credits to accounts from vendorsJoe HudsonAccounts Payable Coordinator2314
Datatel account accessMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Datatel trainingConnie McCartySr. Programmer/Analyst/Applications Development/IT2199
Disposal of assets – government-fundedSonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Disposal of fixed assets – non-government-funded-assetsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Employee benefitsJenn WilliamsBenefits Administrator3023
Endowment distributionsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Federal grantsSonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Form 1042-S questionsLisa CrawfordAccounts Payable Manager2086
Form 1098-T questionsKrista WayAccounts Receivable Manager2007
Form 1099 questionsLisa CrawfordAccounts Payable Manager2086
Fundraising (outside Advancement Department)Marlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Funds available from endowment distributionsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Gaming activities – permissionMelissa AndersonSecretary of the College2141
Gaming activities – reportingMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Gifts to the CollegePamela StanleyDirector of Support Systems-Development2236
Grant proposals and reportsSonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Grants (accounts starting with “13”)Sonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Grants – governmentalSonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Grants to other entitiesSonya ColemanSenior Grants Accountant2530
Hiring non-student employeesYour HR Business Partner (Erin Perna or Shellie Seabolt)Benefits Administrator2626/2609
Hiring student employeesMadison AbereggAssistant Payroll Manager2234
InsuranceAngela FahrniExec. Asst. to VPFB2581
International vendors and non-employee visitorsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
International visitor employment eligibilityLisa CrawfordAccounts Payable Manager2086
InvoicesJoe HudsonAccounts Payable Coordinator2314
LeasesMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Liquor licensesMelissa AndersonSecretary of the College2141
New object codes added to an accountMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
New vendor forms and questionsAndrea JeffersBusiness Office Administrative Coordinator2321
Object code – new one associated with an accountMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Object code – which to use (expenses other than capital)Marlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Object code – which to use (revenue or capital expense)Marlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Official PaymentsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Payment of invoicesJoe HudsonAccounts Payable Coordinator2314
Payment of reimbursementsJoe HudsonAccounts Payable Coordinator2314
Payroll – hourly staffLynne MillerPayroll Administrator2100
Payroll – salaried employeesLynne Miller
Payroll Administrator2100
Payroll – student employeesMadison AbereggHuman Resources Specialist2234
Personal charge accountsTerri BrighamAccounts Receivable Coordinator2431
Prepaid expensesLisa CrawfordAccounts Payable Manager2086
Procurement sole source justification & approvalTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
Purchase ordersTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
Purchasing cardTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
Real estate purchasesSheila WilsonSr. Project Director2222
Reimbursements – payments & policiesLisa CrawfordAccounting Manager2530
Reporting on extended business trips (spreadsheet)Lisa CrawfordAccounting Manager2530
Reports on revenueLynne MillerBusiness Office Administrative Coordinator2070
RequisitionsTracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
Revenue reportsLynne MillerBusiness Office Administrative Coordinator2070
Sale of assets – government-fundedSonya ColemanAccounting Manager2530
Sale of assets – non-government-funded-assetsSheila WilsonAVP for Auxillary Ops, Proc & Contract Mgmt/Purchasing2222
Sales tax on purchasesBen ValentineSenior Financial Analyst2055
Sales tax on salesBen ValentineSenior Financial Analyst2055
Student billingKrista WayAccounts Receivable Manager2007
Student Loans – PerkinsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Substitute W-9Tracy HoltzDirector of Procurement/Purchasing2367
Summer camps & conferences – payments/depositsBen ValentineSenior Financial Analyst2055
Training for Datatel purchasingConnie McCartySr. Programmer/Analyst/Applications Development/IT2199
Transfers out of accounts other than Fund 13Marlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Transfers out of Fund 13 accountsMarlene KanipeAssistant Controller2585
Wire transfer inEileen WalkerAssociate Vice President and Controller2018
Wire transfers outEileen WalkerAssociate Vice President and Controller2018