Meal Plans

Meals are expressed in number of meals per semester, and are not limited to number of times per day or week they can be used. Neither the unused dining hall meals nor the unused Flex Dollars will roll over from semester to semester, or year to year.

All students in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan.

Meal Plans A, B, and C are available for all students both on campus and those with exceptions to live in non-campus housing.

  • Meal Plan A: 200 meals + $450 Flex (average 12 meals/week) – default
  • Meal Plan B: 240 meals + $300 Flex (average 15 meals/week)
  • Meal Plan C: 288 meals + $150 Flex (average 18 meals/week)

Our Meal Plan Modification Form is now an online survey. Use this link to modify your meal plan for spring 2021. If you would like to stay with Meal Plan A (the default plan), no action is necessary.