Apply for Licensure

Understanding the Educator Licensure Process Infographic from The Ohio Department of Education

To obtain a new license, students will use an application for the credential through the Ohio Department of Education’s Connected Ohio Records for Educators system (CORE).  A new teaching license will be issued as a resident educator license. Four-Year Alternative Resident Educator License or Four-Year Resident Educator License cost $160.

Application Instructions:

The last step on the journey to becoming an educator is obtaining your official teaching license. The licensure application is completed on the Ohio Department of Education’s website. The CORE User Manual will walk you through the steps of the process.

  • Please do not apply for your license until a week prior to the completion of the program. The license application cannot be approved until after graduation. Your application can expire if you apply too early. It can take up to 30 days for your license application to be reviewed, verified, and approved, or declined. Please be patient with this process.

After you submit your application, the Ohio Department of Education will reach out to us for clearance. In order for us to clear your license, the following must be completed:

  • Official, electronic copies of your licensure exam scores must have been received by The College of Wooster.
  • All Ohio Assessments for Educators exam requirements must be complete prior to the application process.
  • What tests do I take?  Test Registration information is located here: Educator-Licensure-Testing-Requirements.
  • There must be a grade, on your official record, for all required courses.
  • Your degree must be conferred. Typically, this is completed on or around the date of graduation.
  • You must have met all program and licensure requirements.

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