Social Justice Internships

Students interested in doing social justice work through an APEX Fellowship have the opportunity to apply for our newly launched Social Justice (SJ) internship, following a successful summer in 2022.  The SJ internships replace those that were offered for 10 years through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty.  This experience will connect students with community partners in Wooster/ greater Wayne county with organizational mission to address disadvantaged populations.  Students looking to apply their personal, professional, or academic interests to serving those in need are encouraged to apply.   

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Who Can Apply

The organizations can make use of students across a range of majors and prior experience. Facility in select languages other than English may be advantageous. 


The internship will run mid-May through early July for a total of eight weeks and will provide the $3000 level of funding. Social Justice interns will meet as a cohort with their faculty mentor to hold weekly reflections. Additionally, interns will be eligible for on-campus housing, will participate in on-campus professional development programs, and will be encouraged to make use of opportunities to learn from each other about the many facets of social justice work.  

Application Details

  • Applicants are expected to learn about the community partner with which they hope to work and use that information to complete a modified version of the APEX Fellowship application.  
  • Students are asked to send this recommendation form to their two recommenders.
  • APEX staff will screen applications for eligibility and thoroughness and pass those applications on to the community partner, who will conduct the interviews and make the final selection. For details on the community partners and the types of opportunities available, see information on this site.  
  • Applications are due no later than the first (mid-February) APEX Fellowship deadline, except where noted.   
  • Students not selected for the internship are encouraged to work with APEX staff to find an alternate placement to be considered for a regular APEX Fellowship in the second (late March/early April) deadline.  

To learn more, download our presentation on the Social Justice Internships

Our application is LIVE! To apply, click here

Number of Social Justice Internships Available

We look to place five to seven students in local agencies.

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