Student Conference Travel

Students may apply to receive funding to support their travel to professional meetings or conferences to present their research. 

Award Amount and Eligibility:

  • Up to $500
  • May used to support expenses related to travel, lodging, and registration. 
  • Cannot be used for food. 
  • One award per academic year. 
  • Student must be presenting on their research


  • Students and their faculty mentor should complete the online application and support forms by the appropriate deadline. 
  • A committee in APEX will review the proposals and send out award notifications.  An award letter will go to the student, their faculty mentor, and department or program administrative coordinator with funding details. 
  • Travel expense guidelines for the Copeland Funding are followed.


There are three funding cycles with applications due September 15, December 1, and February 15. 


  • Students must submit expenses for reimbursement to the departmental or program administrative coordinator within two weeks of the conference end date. 
  • A completed reimbursement form should be submitted with receipts. 

Additional campus financial resources for students are found here.  If an advance on funding is needed, please complete the following form. If there are questions on this form, please contact either Prof. Sarah Sobeck or Jessica Martin.  Please note that if the conference is not attended, the travel award is negated and the student is responsible for any funds advanced.

If there are any questions on the application or support form, please contact the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning (Prof. Sarah Sobeck).