How to Find an Internship

Define expectations.

Some students begin this process with very clear ideas about what they’d like to do, where they’d like to be, and with whom they’d like to work, but most do not. To help determine what you would like to do, ask yourself:

  • In what area(s) do I want to gain experience? 
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What skills do I hope to develop? What skills can I offer?
  • Would I like to do this domestically or internationally?
  • How far out of my comfort zone am I willing to go?
  • Do I want to create my own experience, or do I prefer an existing internship or internship-like volunteer program?
  • What are my financial resources? What do I need to earn during the time I’m interning?

Use your personal contacts

Your professors, athletic coaches, College professional staff, people you have worked for, organizations you have previously volunteered with, family and family friends, etc. can be good sources of information about topics and organizations specific to your interests. 

Talk with experienced students

Many students at Wooster participate in internships, so ask around within your academic department, resources centers (like STEM Zone and ARC), your friend group, clubs, and organizations for suggestions.

Speak with Experiential Learning Staff in APEX

The staff and peer advisors in Experiential Learning are available to serve as a sounding board, to provide guidance as you start formulating your ideas, to review application materials, and to demonstrate the use of Scots Career Hub resources. Stop by APEX Wednesdays from 1:30 – 4:00pm for a drop-in meeting or make an appointment on Handshake.

Use vetted online resources

Databases for vetted internships are found on the Scots Career Hub.  Completing a profile on Handshake curates a list of opportunities specific to your areas of interest.

Portals such as ask you to put in key words, such as what issues you’re interested in, what locations you’d like to consider, when and how long you can do your project, etc., and will generate lists of potential opportunities and organizations. 

Make use of Wooster Alums who have signed up on the Fighting Scots Career Connections to start networking, as they can give you ideas about their fields and offer search suggestions.

Develop a professional representation of yourself

Questions? Need help? Contact the Experiential Learning Staff