Global Bites

September & October 2022
Burton Gallery

International Student Ambassadors Raisa Roafa, Igna Mendez, Rachel Yamson, and Algenta Mezmur share different aspects of global food culture.

Raisa Roafa
Raisa Raofa

Igna Mendez


Rachel Yamson
  • Spices and food of Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Rice Cake Culture
  • Diversity of Bangladeshi Clothing
  • Bangladeshi doodles
  • Manjar, a Chilean Condensed Milk
  • Chilean Handmade Horsehair Crafts
  • Hiking and Natural Scenery of Chile
  • Ethiopian Coffee Culture
  • Ethiopian Communal Eating Culture
  • Clothing of Ethiopia
  • Akan Naming Ceremony
  • Folklore, the story of Kwaku Anansi
  • Bride Prices and the Ghanaian Wedding Process
  • Ghanaian Philosophy