Employment Process for Supervisors

The following step-by-step process and checklist is designed to help supervisors more resourcefully with the procedures of hiring and maintaining student employees.

How to Seek Student Workers

Job Description:

Review the duties outlined on the existing job description. If there are changes, please provide an updated Job Description to Student Employment. If the position is new, complete a job description and submit to Student Employment.

Posting a Position:

Complete and email the job description to Student Employment. Once the job description meets Student Employment’s guidelines, the job will be posted online.

Students will apply directly to departments. Students with Federal Work Study or Campus Job funds have priority to apply for jobs during the first 2 weeks of the Fall semester.

Refer to the Federal Work Study/Campus Job list to verify that those who will be interviewed during the first 2 weeks are on the list.

Closing a Position:

Once a manager has chosen a student(s) to hire, please email Student Employment and provide the student(s) that were hired for the position. Upon receiving the email, Student Employment will remove the posting from Hirezon and Inside.

How to Hire a Student Worker

Once a manager has interviewed and selected a student(s), new student employment paperwork must be filled out the BEFORE they begin working.

Supervisor Paperwork:

Student Employment Action Form (SEAF)

  • This Microsoft form MUST be completed and submitted to Student Employment BEFORE the student’s start date.
  • The information requested includes, but not limited to, the start/end dates, Colleague account (budget) number, hourly pay rate, primary time approver and secondary time approver, and the student’s job title.

Student Employee Paperwork:

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

  • This form MUST be completed on or before the first day of work.
  • The student employee will need to present original form(s) of identification for Section 2 of the form. All documents must be unexpired and originals (photocopies are not accepted).

Other Forms:

  • Form W-4, Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate (Federal Tax Form)
  • Form IT-4, Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate (Ohio Tax Form) and, Employee’s Statement of Residency in a Reciprocity State
  • Name and Social Security Number Verification Form
  • Direct Deposit Form

How to Maintain a Student Worker

Time Entry:

All student employees report their time electronically using Web Time Entry through ScotWeb. Please refer to the Time Reporting Process. Also, managers may encounter some of the following scenarios once the pay period is over:

  1. Student Submits Electronic Signature Too Early
    • If it is not past the employee reporting deadline, managers can reject the entry and add a comment.
    • Otherwise, managers should enter the in/out times for the missing hours on behalf of the student.
  1. Missing Electronic Signature from Student
    • Review and approve entry.
    • If the entry was not complete, report the in/out times for the missing hours.
    • Since there is no electronic signature from the student, a comment will need to be added to document the situation. The payroll office asks that managers leave a comment so when audited, the Department of Labor will understand how the time was entered. A sample comment would be similar to, “I have submitted the hours to the best of my knowledge. Please contact payroll if there are any corrections.”
  1. Student Under Reported Hours for a Past Pay Period
    • Students will need to stop by Student Employment to pick up a time sheet.
    • Students will complete the time sheet with the hours not previously reported and need the manager’s approval.


  • Managers should make sure the available position’s job description is up to date
  • Managers must provide the office of Student Employment with a job description by following the Job Description Template guidelines
  • Student Employment recommends managers to interview all students
    • make sure all students have Federal Work Study or Campus Job funds during first 2 weeks of Fall semester
  • Managers are responsible for emailing Student Employment with closing information.

Please do not take the student’s word on whether they have turned in their forms. Student Employment will email the manager and the student a notice when they are cleared for work once Student Employment has received all the completed paperwork. If the confirmation email is not receive, please contact Student Employment.

The College of Wooster is the employer for all jobs worked on campus. Therefore, The College will be held responsible if rules and procedures are not followed properly. The payroll office asks that all supervisors, follow through with the correct and complete process. This will prevent legal issues as well as allow Student Employment Office to run efficiently.

Students must not start working until they receive the email confirmation.