Time Reporting Process

Students are required to report their time electronically through ScotWeb. Timesheets need to be accurately completed and on time to ensure you receive your paycheck on the scheduled pay date. The College is required by law to record and pay for hours worked. Student workers are responsible for accurately recording their time worked for each scheduled workday. 

Time must be submitted by employees with electronic signatures by 11:59 pm Saturday following the end of the 2-week pay period. Supervisors must approve the time and provide any necessary comments by 11:59 pm Monday following the end of the 2-week pay period.

Please note: The work week runs Sunday through Saturday, with pay periods ending bi-weekly on Saturdays.

Directions for completing time entry

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In a web browser, navigate to scotweb.wooster.edu and click “login”

Screenshot of Scotweb with Log In highlighted

Click on “Employees”

Screenshot of Scotweb with Employees highlighted

Click on “Time Entry

Screenshot with Time Entry highlighted

Click on the bubble for the current pay period and click “SUBMIT “at the bottom of the screen

Screenshot with checkbox and submit highlighted

For each day that you worked, enter the start and end times in the boxes provided.

Time should be rounded to the closest quarter hour.

Enter the hours and minutes, as well as AM or PM. For example, if you came in at 7p.m. and worked until 9p.m., you would type 7:00PM in the “Time In” box, and 9:00PM in the “Time Out” box.

If you worked more than one shift in a day, there is space to enter both times.

Screenshot with time entries highlighted

Click the “SUBMIT “ at the bottom of the screen to save your entry.

Screenshot with submit highlighted

At the end of the pay period and after you have entered all of your hours, click the checkbox on the bottom that reads, “Checking this box becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time as accurate and ready for supervisor approval.”

DO NOT check this box unless you are completely finished with your hours for the week.

This action CANNOT be undone.

Additional Information

Time entered can only be reported during the current pay period. If you enter time from another period in your current
timecard you are falsifying your records because you are not reporting the hours on the date it was worked.

If you work three shifts in a day and your timecard will allow you to add a line for the third shift. At the far right side of
the form click the box that says Insert Line then click the large submit button at the bottom of the screen and it will take
you back into your time card and there will be an extra line to add your shift times.

If your supervisor approves your time early and you need to still add more time before the submission deadline email
payroll@wooster.edu or call at 330.263.2100 and request to have your time entry reopened. We can reject the supervisor’s approval so you can enter your remaining shifts. Your supervisor will need to approve your timecard once you have finished your time entry and submitted it to them for approval.

If you do not enter your time in Scot Web and submit to your supervisor for approval by the deadline your time entry
will become a manual process. The manual process will be to obtain a manual time sheet from payroll, complete it and
submit it to your supervisor for their approval. That manual form then needs to be turned into payroll. This process will
delay your payment two weeks. When payroll processes the next pay we will need to enter your hours manually after
your supervisor as approved your current hours in Scot Web and before we process. This process delays our ability to
start our payroll process for the entire campus. Please make every effort to enter your time electronically to avoid this
becoming a manual process.