Atlona controls

Video connection options:

Wired projection: HDMI, and USB C. Plug any of your devices into one of these ports to display on the projector. The cables are already attached and hanging in the room. The screen will switch automatically when you plug in with any wired connection. The audio will automatically be transmitted if you are using HDMI. If you are using USB-C you will need to switch your system output to “ATL 1080P 2CH”. On Windows go to Start -> Settings -> Sound and change your output device to “ATL 1080P 2CH”. On a Apple go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output -> and select “ATL 1080P 2CH”.

Wireless projection: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allows you to connect wirelessly via Apple’s Airplay or Windows Miracast. THIS REPLACES THE APPLE TV IN THE ROOM.

For Airplay, select the room you are in from the list of available devices. Once you try to connect via Bluetooth a 4 digit code will appear onscreen in the upper right corner. Enter that code in the message that prompts and you should connect within 5/10 seconds.  

For Miracast open the “Action Center”, select “Project”, Select “Connect to a wireless display” and choose the device that matches the room you are in. For more information on Miracast for on Windows, look at these detailed instructions.

Power Projector On/Off:

Touch panel for interaction with classroom technology
Touch panel for interaction with classroom technology

This classroom has a touch panel that controls the projector. To power on just hit the green button on the touch panel that says power on. The red off button will turn off the classroom. 

Projector Screens Up/Down:

The projector screens will drop and rise automatically when you press the power on /power off buttons. 

Source Select:

Touch panel on switcher setting
Touch panel on switcher setting

The switcher will recognize when you plug in a new wired connection. If you are using multiple devices and want to switch, press the blue sources button and it will give you a list of the different inputs you can switch to. 

Volume Control:

Audio control is on the bottom of the touch screen