New Technology Services Initiatives

Apple has an option to use Single Sign On (* SSO *) and your account to access Apple resources and services that are available to you because of your relationship to Wooster. To complete this integration, we need to use the domain for the Apple ID associated with you as a member of Wooster’s community. We know many of you have setup personal Apple ID’s using your email address for the account name. To complete setting up this service, we need you to change your personal Apple ID to use a different email address, freeing up the address to be used for this new program.

With the new program Technology Services will be able to use the Apple deployment services to assist in both initial setup of Apple computers and allow for cleaner access for clients to install software from self-service portals including scientific software that usually requires Technology Services assistance. Apple users will eventually be able to unbox a new apple device, connect it to a network and have all the correct software installed and be setup to access files. As many have experienced a machine or device failure while on sabbatical or traveling, it would be possible to ship, or obtain, a new Apple device, computer, or iPad, and have the member from anywhere with a network connection be back up an operable with the correct files, access, and software in a few hours.

Information on changing your Apple ID can be found HERE.