PaperCut Client Troubleshooting


ISSUE 1: Papercut cannot install due to security issues

What you are experiencing –  The Papercut client can’t even get to the installation window, and a dropdown box tells you that your computer’s security settings stopped the program.

Issue – Apple has default security restrictions to prevent unknown applications from installing.

Resolution – Reinstall the Application.

  1. Select the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen 
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Select Security and Privacy
  4. Click the lock to unlock the settings and login with the appropriate password
  5. Under the option “Allow apps downloaded from:”, select Anywhere.
  6. Click the lock to confirm that you want to make these changes.
  7. Try to install Papercut again. 

ISSUE 2: Papercut unable to print from off campus

What you are experiencing – Papercut is continuously popping up the error that it cannot connect when you are off campus. 

Issue – Papercut is trying to connect when you are off campus, and you are running an old version of the program that is not able to do this. 

Resolution – Please download and run installer again. It will automatically install the latest version of Papercut on your machine.

ISSUE 3: Papercut installed, but the printers did not

What you are experiencing — Papercut finished it’s installation, but when you go to print, there are no options to print to the student printing queue. 

Issue — Papercut actually quit the installation because you did not have the newest Xerox printing drivers on your computer.

Resolution — Download the Xerox printing drivers and begin the installation process again. 

  1. When the installer detects that you do not have the correct printer drivers, it will automatically load up the Xerox Printer Driver homepage in your web browser. 
  2. Download the latest Printer Driver from the Xerox Homepage. 
  3. Open your Downloads folder and install the newly-downloaded Printer Driver. 
  4. Once the Printer Driver has been installed, restart the installation of the Papercut client. 
  5. The Papercut client should now install properly. 


ISSUE 1: Papercut’s popups don’t work

What you are experiencing – The client appeared to install, but the popups are not working and you cannot print

Issue – The client needs to be installed with administrator permissions

Resolution – Install the client by running the installer as administrator

  1. Open PaperCut Installers and Instructions in a browser.
  2. Choose the appropriate installer and click to download.
  3. Enter your Wooster username and password.
  4. Choose save file. Save the file to your downloads folder.
  5. Navigate to your downloads folder. 
    1. Locate the Papercut client. It should be named PapercutFacStaff.cmd
    2. Right-click on the file and choose “Run As Administrator”.
  6. Follow the prompts to install the program again.