PaperCut Installers and Instructions (Fac/Staff)

The College of Wooster uses PaperCut for printer management.  To setup the printing, you will need to download and install the appropriate package.

Mac OS Installation Instructions (* Scroll down for Windows Instructions *)

If you are running Mac OS 10.14 and below, you will need to submit print jobs using webprint.  Instructions are HERE

1. Install the Macintosh Xerox Printer Drivers (* Requires Mac OS 10.15 and above *)While installing the Xerox drivers on a new machine, press Continue twice instead of allowing the installer to search for discoverable printers.

2. Install the Mac PaperCut Client (if you have not already)

3. Download the installer packages for the building(s) where you want to Print

Windows Installation Instructions (* Scroll up for Macintosh *)

Adding or Updating Printers if you have the PaperCut Client already

Open a file explorer window

Windows Menu
Windows Menu

Enter “\\” in the address bar  

Papercut network menu
Papercut network menu

Locate the printer you want to add and double click.  Remember the new copiers will end in “-xerox”

Students should only add Student-BW-xerox and Student-Color-xerox

Windows will install the drivers for you.  When you have verified you can print, You should delete the old queue from your machine. 

Installing PaperCut client and print queues

NOTE – Installer file must be Downloaded, Saved, and Run as Administrator by Right-Clicking on the file.

1. Download and SAVE the following installer file. Do not run this from your browser, or else it will not work.

     Faculty/Staff PaperCut Client

     Student Public Printers – Windows

2. Once downloaded, go to your downloads folder
3. Right click on the file and select Run as Administrator
4. Provide your College of Wooster credentials as the program requests.