Printing as a Faculty or Staff Member


Faculty and Staff using the printers will have to follow a different set of steps to print than students. Try following these steps if you’re printing for the first time.


  1. Open the document you wish to print.
  2. Navigate to the printing menu.
  3. From the options, select the printer in your location.
  4. Click “OK”


1.When you print to one of the new printers, you will be presented with a login box where you will enter your College of Wooster username and password. 

Papercut login window asking for your username and password

2. Enter in your College of Wooster username and password. 

3. Select “OK”.

4. Wait a few moments. A new window will pop up. 

5. Now you will be able to select which account you would like to charge your print job to.

a. Select the department account you are printing from.

Papercut Print Job Notification window this is where you will add the department to be charger

6. Select Print to send your print job to the printer you selected and charge the account you selected.