Vuvox for Students

Vuvox is very user friendly and is actually a fun program to make use of. It provides instant sharing, allows you to mix, and create your personal media; media such as photos videos and music in very creative ways that probably would have never thought of.

Follow this link, create a FREE account and start using VUVOX!

Here you can create new pieces, look through your old creations and explore other people’s creations. You can also instantly share your projects with friends and family.

Vovox Homepage

After you’ve done this just sign in and get started.

Below is Vuvox’s main screen after signing in.

Vovox main page with tabs
Vuvox choose your style page
Vuvox work window after style and project has been decided

How To

  1. If you want to upload an image/video/music selection ensure that it is on the computer that you are using and simply select upload files and select the folder. If you want to upload pictures from a camera or thumb drive just select that folder instead (while the camera/memory card or thumb drive is inserted in the drive).
  2. If you want to upload an image from an online account, just select the appropriate tab, sign in and select the media you want.
  3. You can also upload and auto fill from a select folder instead of going through and selecting individual files. That way you will have access to all files you could possibly need.
  4. To make the collage you created public (or visible to friends), after publishing go to “my stuff” double click on the collage you want and when it opens there will be tabs just below it that allow you to share on many networks, create a link, add to ebay listing or to embed. (see image below)

Other Online Resources