Technology Services for New Students

Welcome to the College of Wooster. When you begin at the College of Wooster Admissions and the Dean of Students Office will provide you with your email address, username, and initial password. 

A Notebook Computer (required)

Our Recommendations

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System:Windows 10 or higher, Apple macOS 10.14 or higher
Minimum Hardware:Intel i5 processor or faster, or AMD equivalent or Apple M1, minimum 16GB RAM, 512Gb SSD. Intel wireless card preferred.
Anti-Virus Software:Every student-owned computer must be running up-to-date anti-virus software in order to access the network.
Productivity Software:Every student-owned computer must have the ability to create and edit file types commonly used in Microsoft Office or have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office.  Wooster students are eligible for a free copy of Microsoft Office Education ProPlus. Instructions downloading and installing the Office 365 Education Plus can be found here.
Technology Recommendations for Notebook Computer

Cellphone or Mobile Device capable of receiving MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) code


All initial passwords must be changed as soon as possible. To change your password, go to and login with your username and the provided temporary password. For more information on password setup visit this link.

***Set aside 10-15 minutes to complete this process.  We recommend you set security questions and update your profile at the same time.

Multi Factor Authentication(MFA)

While setting up Office 365 you may be prompted to setup your MFA, we strongly recommend using the Microsoft authenticator app and your cellphone number as a backup. Here is a link to help you through the process.

Multi-Factor Authentication – Technology Documentation (

Microsoft 365 Install

Through IT’s software licensing agreement with Microsoft, you will have access to Office 365 Education Plus for as long as you are enrolled at Wooster.  No need to purchase. Here is the link to download the licensing.


Wooster uses Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Office suite of applications.  You can download the mobile application for easy use on your device and the desktop version for work. The desktop version will load with the download Microsoft 365 package offered through the College. The mobile application can be downloaded through the app store/google play store. Here is a link to documentation that can assist you on making your Outlook email your own.

Connect to Network

Wifi is available in all campus housing and academic buildings, but requires different steps for connecting specific devices.

Connect to the Network – Technology Documentation (

Printing as a Student

Printing on campus uses application native printing with PaperCut and MobilePrint.  Instructions to set up your devices can be found in the links below.

Printing as a Student – Technology Documentation (

Accessing Moodle

You will access Moodle through OpenID Connect, by going to