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  • Copyright-free Media

    Media Sources that offer Audio, Image, Video “Copyright Fair Use Public Domain and Creative Commons.” Accessed September 26, 2022. Internet Archive building a digital library of Internet sites including webpages, books, images, audio, video Openverse (formerly CC Search for Creative Commons Search) free stock photos, images, and audio, available for free use. all Openverse content is […]

  • Creating Effects with Adobe Photoshop

    Image of mountains with a series of diamonds over it and a young women's face in the center diamond

    By the end of this session students will be able to: Import photos from the Internet Make and edit different shapes Use Blending Mode to create effects Use Clipping Mask to insert pictures Session outline: Shape Tools: Import pictures from files/Internet to Photoshop Create different types of shapes Edit shapes by rotating, changing sizes Blending […]

  • Adobe Photoshop Basics

    Photoshop software logo

    By the end of this session, students will Learn how to open and save pictures Learn how to rotate pictures Learn how to crop pictures Learn how to cut out and add in an object from this picture into another one Session Outline: Basic skills Import a picture from the library Save a picture by […]

  • Exploring Text with Photoshop

    Agenda The Text Tool Vertical vs Horizontal Type Warping Text Creating a Clipping Mask Useful for changing the fill of a text Wrapping Text to a Path Create a path using the shape tool Link to Photoshop Workshop Resources

  • Unsplash free high-res photos

    person holding balloons

    Visit to browse and download from their collection of over 550,000 free (do-whatever-you-want) high-resolution photos – brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers. Visit their Help for Using Unsplash for topics like: Downloading Photos Crediting Photographers Contacting a photographer Collections Topics Likes

  • Intro to Photoshop

    This workshop will provide a basic introduction to Photoshop. It will cover Layers, Selection Tools, basic image adjustments, and object removal.

  • Motion graphics: Adobe Illustrator to After Effects Basic

    End Result: Adobe Illustrator is a graphic vector editor developed by Adobe. Difference between Photoshop and Illustrator? Illustrator is vector-based. So, unlike Photoshop’s pixel-based format, Illustrator uses mathematical constructs to create vector graphics. A vector graphic will never lose its quality if it’s scaled up or down. So graphic designer uses Illustrator will also give you […]

  • Adobe Illustrator Basics

    Agenda This workshop provides tools and resources to make basic flat designs by using Illustrator.  Attendees will create a full-featured graphic design with variation of colors and shapes. Agenda By the end of this session, attendees will Learn how to use the Ai interface Know what is flat design Know how to set up a […]