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Accessing your Wooster email

Members of the campus community can configure any e-mail client to check their Wooster account through IMAP or POP. This includes smartphones and other “smart” devices such as an iPad.

Be aware that if you are off-campus and using anything other than 365 email (email.wooster.edu) you will not be able to send e-mail using the college’s mail servers unless you are connected to the college’s network via VPN. Receiving e-mail in your Wooster account will work just fine.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) account*

Incoming mail servers: imap.wooster.edu.

Outgoing mail servers: imap.wooster.edu.

* User Services recommends using IMAP accounts when possible since, unlike POP accounts, they are generally configured to sync the messages between a client and the email server rather than delete messages once they have been downloaded.

POP (Post Office Protocol) account

Incoming mail servers: pop.wooster.edu.

Outgoing mail servers: pop.wooster.edu.

¬†You should not use the POP protocol if you want to be able to read emails from a variety of devices (laptop, smart phone, etc…) since it often deletes the emails from the server once they are read.
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