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Assignments in Moodle

Assignment overview

Introduction to Assignments in Moodle

Their are three types of assignments in Moodle and three grading methods:

  1. In an Offline assignment, the instructor will give directions, and the student will complete the assignment.  Nothing is turned in through the assignment tool, though the student may be expected to do an activity within Moodle.
  2. In an Online Text assignment, the instructor will give directions, and the student will respond in an online text box provided in the assignment tool.
  3. In an Upload assignment, the instructor will give directions, and the student will upload their file(s) through the Moodle assignment tool.

With each of these types of assignment the instructor can choose one of three grading methods:

  1. Simple direct grading, the instructor will just enter a score and comments.
  2. Marking guide, the instructor will create a marking guide and use the criterion in the marking guide to award points.
  3. Rubric, the instructor will create a rubric and use the criterion in the rubric to award points.

In addition an instructor can decide to upload a feedback file with any of the various types of assignments. This might be a marked PDF, a short audio or video file, or any other type of allowed file upload.

How To Create Assignments

The first thing we must do is to turn editing on using either the link in the Administration block or the link in the upper right of the course page.

Click the gear icon to access the edit settings in the Administration block

After turning editing on you should see editing icons and the Add an activity or resource link. Clicking this link will present you with all the different assignment and resource options. The Assignment option is the very first one. Once you have selected the assignment activity you should see a screen such as the one below. Outlined in red is the General section where you will enter the name of the assignment and the directions for completing the assignment. Outlined in blue is the Assignment settings section where you can set the dates the assignment will be available as well as controlling late submissions. The section outlines in orange is Submission settings section and is where you choose whether an assignment is offline, online, or upload. An offline assignment would have no online text and no file submissions, an online assignment would have online text and no file submissions, and an upload assignment would have some number of file submissions. The Feedback settings area in purple is where you can decide whether you want to be able to leave comments on the submissions. The green Grade section is where you set the point value of the assignment and select a grading method. The final section in yellow is the Restrict access section and is a new feature that allows you to restrict a student from accessing the assignment until they have completed some other number of assignments at a certain proficiency.

Create and grade assignments image 1
When uploading assignments you will set a start and end date as well as the type and size of file to be uploaded.

How to Locate Assignments

You can preview assignments in Moodle by clicking on the assignment on your main Moodle page. To see a list of all your assignments for your course, click the “Assignments” link in your Activities block (your Activities block must be activated to do this, the default is that it will be).

How to Edit/Update Assignments

Like with most all other resources and activities, you can update an assignment (edit the settings of an assignment after it has been created) through the main course page. Simply turn editing on and find the editing icons now listed next to assignment you wish to update. Find the blue paper and pencil icon, the update icon, and click that. Now you should be at the settings page for that assignment.

There is one other way you can update an assignment in Moodle. Find and click on the assignment you want to edit it; you can either go to the “Assignments” link in the Activities block or click on the assignment wherever it is located in the main column of your course page. After that, you should be on the page for the assignment you wish to edit. In the column on the right will be an Assignment administration block. You can edit the assignment settings, access the gradebook, access the advanced grading options (for creating/assigning rubrics and marking guides), and download any submissions.


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