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Call Forwarding

To forward all calls away from your campus phone number to a non-campus number

Turning On 
1) You will need to activate the call forwarding function using your assigned campus phone. 
2) Press the “Call Forward” button OR  dial *20 (for phones not equipped with this button)  and dial the  outside number to which you want your calls forwarded.  
Remember to prefix the outside number with a “9” or “91” depending on if it is local or long distance. 
Press “Call forward”,  Press “91 216 555 5555”  
Press ” *20 “, Press “91 216 555 5555” 
3) Wait for the confirmation tones before hanging up the phone. 
4) If you have the forwarding destination within reach (for instance directed to your cell phone), if you dial your complete campus number (9 330 263 XXXX) from your campus phone, you can verify the forwarding was setup correctly when you see your destination phone ring. 

Turning Off 
 To turn off the Call Forward function, lift handset and press the “Call Forward” button (light goes off) OR dial #20. 

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