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Flip Camera

Basic Controls

Image of the Flip Camera

Record button: This will start/stop recording
Plus/Minus Buttons: During recording, this will zoom in and out. During playback this will increase and decrease volume
Left/Right Buttons: These will let you select previously recorded clips
Play Button: If in record mode, the camera will go to playback mode. If you have selected a video, this will start playback
Delete Button: This will delete a clip – you will be asked to confirm your decision

How To…

Turn the Camera On/Off

Image of the Flip Camera power button

The Power Switch is located on the side of the Flip Video, near the top. Simply press the button and the camcorder will power on accompanied by a power on sound.

Record a Video

Image of the preview window on the Flip Camera

To record simply press the red button in the center and begin shooting. The screen will display the shooting time in red numbers at the top. While recording the + button will zoom in and the – button will zoom out. Press the red button again to stop recording.

Play a Video

Image of the controls on the Flip Camera

To watch videos press the Play Button located on the upper left corner. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the videos and locate the one you want. When you have selected the video that you want to watch, simply press the Play Button to view it. While the video is playing press the – or + buttons to decrease or increase the volume. While the video is playing hold the left arrow or right arrow to rewind or fast-forward the video.

Delete a Video

Image of the Delete Video menu

Press the trash can icon located on the upper right of the front screen. The “Delete Video?” screen will appear. Simply use the left arrow key to select yes. Then press the play button to confirm the deletion.

Locate the USB Arm

Image of the built in USB connector

On the side of the camcorder opposite the power button there is a latch to release the USB plug. Simply slide the gray button down and the USB plug will flip out. To return the plug to its original position, just swing it down and the gray button will snap back into place.

Download Video to a Computer

Image of the Flip Camera plugged in to the computers USB port

Insert the camcorder into the computer as you would with any USB device. You can view your videos on the computer as you would with any camera. NOTE: The camcorder has software built into it. It is not necessary to install this software to playback video on your computer. The video will work with almost all video editing suites such as Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie.

Change the Batteries

Image of the Flip Camera batteries for changing and location

On the bottom of the camcorder is a lock/unlock switch to open the battery compartment. Make sure that the switch is to the right, next to the unlock icon.
Then when looking at the front of the camcorder, gently slide the faceplate down. Remove the front of the camcorder and you will see the battery compartment. This camcorder takes AA batteries.
NOTE: The new Flip UltraHD camcorders have a white rechargeable battery pack. Do not remove this battery pack. Simply plug the camera into a computer USB port to charge.

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