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GoPro3 Hero Helmet Cam

The GoPro3 HERO3+ Camera boasts video with an amazing 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second that can be strapped on to a surface for fluid recording experience.

How To:

Put the Camera in its Casing

Image of the GoPro with its case
Image of a GoPro in its case

Putting the HERO3+ camera inside of its protective casing is relatively easy! Simply open up the flaps (located on top of the casing) and pull them away from you. Place the camera on the inside, and then once it is properly fitted in, pull the flap back towards yourself, snugly protecting the valuable piece of equipment. If you are feeling adventurous, you can stick the camera and its casing to an object with the GoPro tightener!

Charge the Camera

Image of the GoPro ports

Make sure that your camera is in off mode. Locate the DC in Port on side of the camera. Find your AC adapter cord in the camera bag you were provided with. Connect the AC cord to a wall socket. Insert the DC plug and the camera will begin charging.

Record Video with the Camera

Image of the GoPro mount connections on its case

First, make sure that the power supply is on. Then, press the record button. While recording you can use the T and W toggles on the top of the camera to zoom in and out. To stop recording press the Record button again.

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