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JAMF Self Enrollment

Beginning the Process

Step 1: Click the link below and login using your Wooster credentials:


Step 2: Be sure that your username appears in the first field and the site should be set to None. If so, click Enroll.

JAMF enrollment window asking for your college username

Step 3: Click ‘Download’ to download the enrollment package.

JAMF window that includes the Download button

Step 4: Click ‘Allow’ to finish downloading the package.

JAMF window asking if you would like to allow the download, select Allow

STEP 5: Once the QuickAdd package is downloaded, go to your downloads folder and launch the installer.

Image of your downloads folder with the QuickAdd package circled

Step 6: Select OK on the message window and open System Preferences.

JAMF window warning the the QuickAdd package cannot be opened, select OK

Step 7: Select Security & Privacy

Image of System Preferences on your device with Security and Privacy circled

Step 8: Select “Open Anyway” and then click ‘Open’ to open the installer.

Image of the Security and Privacy window asking you to select Open Anyway

Step 9: In the next window select “Continue”, then select “Install”

Image of the QuickAdd installer window
Image of the QuickAdd installer, selecting Install

Step 10: You will be prompted for your Username and Password. The installer should then begin running. It will ask to access your photos, desktop folders, contacts, calendar, reminders, documents, and downloads. Please select “Okay” when prompted for each. Select “Close” when the window appears below.

Image of the QuickAdd Installer showing a successful installation

Step 11: Reboot your computer after install is complete.

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