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Onyx Presentation Remote

Install the Batteries

To install the batteries you must first remove the USB plug located on the side of the device. Then on the bottom of the remote slide the eject slider towards the front and push so that the inner shell of the device is separated from the outer shell. Then on the side of the device locate the battery compartment and gently pull the tab open. Install the batteries in the remote and then slide the inner compartment back into the outer shell until it clicks into place.

Set the Clock

Image of the Onyx Remote

To set the clock first you must slide the inner compartment out of the outer shell as described above. Then on the opposite side of the battery compartment there is a small red button located below a clock icon. Press the button and the clock on the front of the remote will begin to blink. Press the up and down arrows to set the hour. Press the two intersecting boxes button to move on to the next digit. When setting the minutes also press the up and down arrows located on the front of the remote to set the time. Press the singular box button when you are done.

Connecting to a Computer

Image of the USB receiver for Onyx Remote

After the batteries are installed you can connect your device to a computer. Simply take the USB drive and insert it in the USB port on your computer. NOTE: If you are using this remote with a Mac you may have to adjust the compatibility mode on the USB receiver. On the USB reciever there is a small gray pin hole on the top of the USB drive. To adjust the mode you must insert a small point object (such as a paperclip) in the pin hole on the USB drive while it is plugged into the USB port. The USB drive will blink one to three times every few seconds to let you know what mode it is in. There are 3 modes as follows: 1 flash is for Windows computers running Microsoft PowerPoint, 2 flashes is for Macintosh computers running Keynote, 3 flashes is for Macintosh computers running Microsoft PowerPoint.

Using the Device

On the top of the pointer there are four buttons. The up and down arrows are used to advance and return to slides during a presentation. The intersecting squares button is to start a presentation from your current position. The singular square button it to revert to a blank screen during your presentation. Press the button again to return to your presentation.

Using the Laser Pointer

Image of the laser on the Onyx Remote

On the front side of the device is a large red button. Simply hold the button to activate the laser pointer.

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