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Portable Classroom Media Setup for Microsoft Teams

Watch a video walkthrough

Connecting your computer to the new equipment

1.Bring your own device and power cord (you may need a dongle depending on your device)

2. Plug your device into a power source or plug a power source into your dongle as pictured above and power ON.

3. Plug the USB cord from the camera into your computer or dongle

4. Turn On all devices. If you would like to use the wireless microphones you will also have to connect the audio cable from the receiver to the camera and turn on the microphone receiver by pointing the arrow on the knob to 12:00.

5. You will need to change the settings in Microsoft Teams to connect to the camera. To change the settings:

Click the 3 dots

Click device settings

For “Microphone” choose Digital Audio Interface (USB Digital)

For “Camera” choose USB Video

6. When finished wipe down and power off the microphones. Leave the camera turned on. You will need to change the settings in Microsoft Teams to connect to the camera.

Using Microphones

With the portable classroom media setup, you have the option of using the microphone built into the camera or one of the wireless microphones provided.  When using the lavalier or handheld microphone you need to connect the cable from the microphone receiver to the camera.

  1. Built-in camera microphone is best used for class discussions where more than one person is actively contributing to the conversation. Most times this choice will pick up the entire room for classes.
  2. The lavalier microphone is best used when you want to move around and use your hands when presenting and you are the only one speaking. Connect the microphone to the input port on the top of the transmitter.
  3. A handheld microphone is best used when multiple people are speaking since the microphone can be passed from one person to another. Insure proper cleaning between users.

Turn on the device by pressing the power button until the light turns Green

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