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PowerPoint for Teaching

PowerPoint 2016 for Windows and Mac

Available to College users for download with the Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Below are links to Office support on various topics.

Video in PowerPoint

You can embed a video from you computer directly into your presentation, or you can link to a video stored on your computer. (Embedded videos are convenient, but they increase the size of your presentation. Linked videos keep your presentation’s size smaller, but links can break. To prevent possible problems with a broken link to a video on your computer, it’s a good idea to copy the video into the same folder as your presentation, and link to it there.) 

If the video you want to play is on Vimeo or YouTube, you can link to it from your presentation with the help of an Office add-in. (Such videos also keep your presentation’s size smaller, and they do not need to be copied to your computer. The link simply points to the video on the web site where it lives. Internet access during your presentation would be necessary.)

Audio in PowerPoint

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