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Screenflow is an Apple screen capture application that enables the user to record everything on the screen, computer audio, video from a web camera, and audio from an attached microphone.

What can it do?

  • Record your MacBook, iPhone, and iPad screen with high quality videos
  • Powerful video editing and annotation tools
  • Multiple video and audio tracks for bringing in other material and/or soundtracks
  • Add closed captions to videos using the caption editor
  • Export videos into multiple formats including ProRes, MP4, as well as animated GIF and PNG
Screenflow’s software interface

Uses in a Course

  • This software can be used to create tutorials for anything that you would do on a computer.
  • You can use this program to create a picture in picture PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.
  • Users can create video presentations showcasing websites they find on a particular topic.


  • Please contact Dr. Breitenbucher in Educational Technology for information.

Additional Help

  • Please contact Dr. Breitenbucher in Educational Technology.
  • Screenflow offers support and FAQs.
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