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Microsoft Teams Information

Welcome to Technology@Wooster’s documentation for Microsoft Teams!

Getting to Know Microsoft Teams page offers screenshots of the various parts of the Teams meeting interface

Teams Meet Now page

This introduction will give you some guidance on how to best use this documentation and some tips to consider with Teams. Please read through the FAQs section to better understand how this documentation works.

If you should have any more questions or concerns, please reach out to Educational Technology at educationaltechnology@wooster.edu or faculty or staff can book a virtual session with one of the four Educational Technology team members via our bookings link: Office 365 Bookings.

Students can book a session with one of our Student Technology Assistants via their bookings link: Educational Technology STA Office 365 Bookings.

How to Best Use This Document

  • Use the 5 steps listed below to get you up and running with Teams basics for video conferencing
  • Use page 2 Quick Links as an overview of the main features of Microsoft Teams.
  • See page 2 for a more detailed Table of Contents for this documentation.

Five Quick Steps to Take

  1. Download and Access Teams on your Machine
  2. Update to the New Meeting and Calling Experience
  3. Get familiar with the Teams interface
  4. Create a “Join Meeting Invite” to test out a Teams features
  5. Record the Teams video call
  6. Share out the video using Stream
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