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Technology Services for New Staff

Welcome to the College of Wooster. When you begin at the College of Wooster your supervisor will provide you with your email address, username, and initial password. 


All initial passwords must be changed as soon as possible. To change your password, go to mypassword.wooster.edu and login with your username and the provided temporary password. For more information on password setup visit this link.

***Set aside 10-15 minutes to complete this process.  We recommend you set security questions and update your profile at the same time.

After your initial password setup you will change your password on your device while connected to the College of Wooster Network either directly or through the VPN.
*** For Mac – Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Change Password
*** For PC – Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Change Password


Wooster uses Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Office suite of applications.  You can download the mobile application for easy use on your device and the desktop version for work. The desktop version will load with the download Microsoft 365 package offered through the College. The mobile application can be downloaded through the app store/google play store. Here is a link to documentation that can assist you on making your Outlook email your own.



While setting up Office 365 you may be prompted to setup your MFA, we strongly recommend using the Microsoft authenticator app and your cellphone number as a backup. Here is a link to help you through the process.

Multi-Factor Authentication – Technology Documentation

Getting your Device

Once hired, the supervisor/department head/administrative assistance will get in touch with Technology Services about setting up a work computer. You will receive an email when your device is ready to pick up and finish the setup process.  The Microsoft Office suite will be installed on the device assigned to you and configured during your pickup appointment. 

***This process can take up to an hour to complete

Printing with Papercut

As a staff member your device will come loaded with the Papercut application. Here is a link to documentation to explain printing here on-campus.

Microsoft 365

Accessing your Microsoft 365 account. If your computer is through Technology Services Microsoft 365 will be downloaded and ready for you to use with a simple login. If you are working from a personal computer in your home office you can download Microsoft 365 by going to this link, be sure to login using your Wooster credentials.

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