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Using Teams in the Streaming Classrooms

This setup is for use with your device within Teams. Please remember to bring your laptop and dongle along with any other teaching equipment required.

We recommend doing a practice Teams call just to familiarize yourself with all the settings and find what works best for you. 

Step 1 

Plug the dongle into your device and then plug the camera’s USB cord into the dongle. You may receive a popup window notification telling you that the device is recognized and connecting.

Step 2

Open Teams and Select your Courses Team

Step 3

Initiate a meeting through Teams for your class

Step 4

Click on “More Actions” and select “Show device settings”

Step 5

“Device settings” is where you will set your camera options as well as choose your speaker and microphone setup. 

Step 6

The camera can be set up as a lecture capture camera or as a classroom camera. The lecture capture camera faces the teaching station. The classroom camera faces the students.

Camera Options


Camera # and # most will have AT-HDVS-HDMI FOR MAC

Microphone Option


Speaker Option


You should now be successfully connected to the Cameras, Microphone, and Speaker!

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