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Using Windows Programs in a Mac Lab

How to access Windows programs such as Gaussian 2009, SALT, SPSS and CLEA in the Mac labs on the College of Wooster campus.

These programs run only on Windows so you will have to use special software to make them run on the Mac machines in these labs.  The software is called VMWare and it enables you to run Windows operating systems on your Mac.

You can either read the directions below or watch this video:

The instructions below apply to the lab computers in Taylor 209, the McCreight lab in Andrews library, Kauke 135 and Kauke 243.

These computers require a College of Wooster login to use.

1.  Log in to the computer
2.  Open VMWare

3.  Choose the VM

4.  Look in the start menu for the programs that interest you.

5.  Shut Down the VM

6.  Close VMWare

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