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  • Data Visualization in the Humanities and Arts

    Data Visualization in the Humanities and Arts OverviewGoalsResourcesTutorialsAssessment In recent years, data visualization has taken on much more complex roles in the humanities. From mapping projects to the use of R, the use of data visualization techniques and tools continues to grow in diverse uses. Unlike the previous guides in the Project in the Box […]

  • Data Visualization: Mapping and Timelines

    Data Visualization: Mapping and Timelines OverviewGoalsResourcesTutorialsAssessment Data visualization tools provide useful ways to explore, discover, and connect information. This guide serves as an introduction to the use of mapping and time-lining tools. They can be used for a variety of assignments, exercises, and discovery processes during projects. You will find suggestions for resources, tutorials, assessments, […]

  • Social Media Tools for Projects and Assignments

    Social media represents a broad range of applications, tools, and software that are meant for social interaction. Some of these platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. Today, learners expect engagement beyond lectures. These digital networks allow for users to experience different modes of communication.

  • Audio for Projects and Assignments

    This guide is an introduction to how audio can be utilized for student assignments and projects. Through the use of audio, students can further develop language skills or discover new ways to interpret and present an argument.

  • Using Digital Storytelling for Student Projects and Assignments

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    The guide provides an introduction to the concepts of digital storytelling in the classroom. Student created videos possess the potential to further enhance the ways in which students learn, communicate a variety of topics, and build real world skill sets.