Senior IS Posters

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Register for the events: Senior IS Poster Making and  Senior I.S. PowerPoint


By the end of this session, attendees will

1. Understanding how to use PowerPoint to make posters

2. Extracting and summarizing your IS

3. Proper procedure to uploading to get it printing by IT


· Opening and Resizing to 36 x 48in

· Poster Design Basics

  •  Background (if any)
  •  Page Layout
  •  Fonts, Sizes, Colors
  •  Color Schemes

· Photos and Copyright Infringement

  •  Stock images
  •  Inserting Photos
  •  Cropping and Resizing

· Saving as a PDF

· Final Tips

  •  It doesn’t hurt to have another set of eyes look at it.
  • Have someone who isn’t from your department look over it? Do they understand it?
  • Spaced so it doesn’t look cramped?
  • Colors don’t overwhelm to the text?

· Uploading to Print at


IS Powerpoint Presentations

This workshop will cover the basics of making an aesthetically pleasing powerpoint as well as presentation tips and tricks.

Making a professional looking powerpoint design:

  • Template selection/ backgrounds
  • Page layout
  • Fonts, sizes, colors
  • Animations and Slide transitions
  • Inserting media (Stock images, Inserting Photos, Cropping and Resizing)

Presenting your powerpoint:

  • Posture and presence
  • Volume, tone, articulation, and enunciation
  • Engagement! (not reading slides and using notecards)
  • Practice