Program Dates:

May 10, 2021 – July 2, 2021

How to Apply

Wooster students should fill out the 2021 AMRE application.

Consideration of applications begins February 19, 2021.

Contact Marian Frazier or John Ramsay for more information.

AMRE Positions

The Applied Methods & Research Experience (AMRE) is a paid summer program where students work full-time (40 hours per week) for eight weeks.  Approximately 25-35 students are assigned to small teams to work on pre-determined  consulting projects.  Together the teams form an AMRE community that joins together to participate in many professional developoment opportunites including presentation best practices, professionalism coaching, team-building exercises, resume guidance, reflection and more.  

The skills and knowledge required for AMRE positions can vary based on each individual project. Historically, AMRE has sought students with at least one year of college-level coursework in mathematics, computer science and/or business economics. As AMRE has expanded to address more diverse clients and needs, students have participated from a wide range of disciplines, from history and social sciences to communications and political science.

There are positions in a wide variety of fields and successful applicants will be placed into positions by faculty advisors in the AMRE program. Typical areas of work include mathematical analysis, statistics, data analysis, mathematical modeling, operations research, engineering, database development, software development, programming, market research and economic analysis. Students with experience in any of these areas are particularly encouraged to apply.

The summer of 2021 offers opportunities for several projects that fall into three categories:

  1. Community Water Project:  No previous experience is required.  We are looking for people who are curious about the natural world, want to help the community, and are willing to try new things working with new and different people.  The goal is to build a team of people tho bring diverse and unique assets and talents to the project.  We recognize that you are uniquely you and want to support you in your STEM career.  Feel free to contact Dr. Meagen Pollock or Dr. Greg Wiles with any questions.
  2. Math and Computational Science (MCS) AMRE:  This competitive program is seeking self-motivated students with problem solving skills who have completed significant MCS coursework.  Generally MCS majors and minors are the best fit for these projects but students from all years and majors are welcome to apply.  Please contact Dr. Marian Frazier with any questions.
  3. Interdisciplinary AMRE:  This competitive program is seeking self-motivated students with problem solving skills.  Since a wide variety of projects fall into this category, we are accepting applications from all years and majors.  Please contact Vikki Briggs with any questions.

Participants will receive a stipend of approximately $4400.*

*College room and board will be available for purchase.