Disability Support Services

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) works to ensure that students with disabilities have access equal to that of other students across their collegiate experience. Toward this mission, we provide individual accommodations and services that are designed to build an accessible and inclusive campus community. In conjunction with Disability Support Services, the ARC staff supports all students in developing academic skills, learning about campus resources, and empowering students with ownership as they navigate their collegiate education. If you have inquiries regarding Disability Support Services, continue reading below for an overview of our accommodation processes and deadlines.

As Disability Support Services represent an ongoing process throughout your education, there are several points in which students will need to engage with the Academic Resource Center and its procedures.

  • If you are a student who has not yet registered accommodations with the ARC, please navigate to our Students New to ARC Disability Support page for details on how to connect with our office and begin the accommodation process.
  • If you are a student who has and would like to use approved accommodations on-file with the Academic Resource Center, please refer to our Current Students with Disabilities and Approved Accommodations page. This section contains details on how to make use of your accommodations each semester as well as how to keep your instructors informed each semester with our renewal process.
  • If you are already approved for academic accommodations but are seeking to add and/or alter current accommodations, new documentation may be required. If you have this documentation, please upload it to your ClockWork Portal and make an appointment to discuss this information with Amber Larson or Carly Jones.

Application Deadlines for Housing/Dining Accommodations:

  • Fall housing for continuing students: Feb. 1st
  • Summer housing for continuing students and late fall requests: April 15th
  • Fall housing for first year and transfer students: June 1st
  • Spring housing for new accommodation requests: November 1st

*Please see the Academic Resource Center’s Policies and Procedures Handbook for the definition of a qualified licensed professional.

For more information on ADA Policies and Procedures, please view this page.

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