Disability Support Services

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) works to ensure that students with disabilities have access equal to that of other students across their collegiate experience. We provide individual accommodations and services that are designed to build an accessible and inclusive campus community.

We support all students in developing academic skills, learning about campus resources, and gaining the confidence needed to navigate a collegiate education. Our commitment to providing accommodations and support services is balanced with a developmental approach that requires student engagement and responsibility throughout the accommodation process.

New Students to ARC Seeking Disability Accommodations

New students to the ARC who are seeking disability support accommodations for academic, housing, and/or dietary needs should follow the steps below.

Register for Accommodations:

  1. Navigate to the Academic Resource Center’s ClockWork Student Portal and log in with your Wooster credentials.
    *Google Chrome is the preferred browser when completing the form.
  2. Select the “Register Here” Button.
  3. Complete the intake form and all questions pertaining to your disability-related needs.
  4. Upload your recently completed medical documentation completed by a qualified licensed professional*.
    1. Documentation for housing/dining accommodations should be from within the last 6 months.
    2. Neuro-psychological report, supporting medical documentation and/or educational evaluation report for academic accommodations should be from within the last 3-5 years. If your 504 and/or IEP has the testing embedded in it, a separate neuropsychological report is unnecessary.
  5. If a recent medical report or neuro-psychological/educational evaluation report is not available, a student may have a qualified licensed professional fill out the Disability Information and Verification Form and submit this form as documentation. *This document has restricted editing. It must be downloaded before filling out the form.
  6. Make an appointment with Amber Larson or Kaylynne Mahone to review your documentation, discuss your history of supports, and determine next steps for accommodations.

If you have already filled out your ClockWork Intake form, but have additional documents to share with the ARC, please upload them to your ClockWork portal.

Current Students with Disabilities and Approved Accommodations

Renewal of Accommodations:

  • If you have been approved for academic accommodations through the Academic Resource Center and wish to use the accommodation(s) in a course, you will have to notify your course instructors via ClockWork’s function to Request Accommodation Letters.
  • Students should renew their academic accommodations at the start of each semester to notify current faculty.  
  • For a tutorial on how to renew your Academic Accommodations, please refer to the College of Wooster ClockWork Portal Student Tutorial.

Requests for New Academic Accommodations:

If you are previously approved for academic accommodations but are seeking to add and/or alter current accommodations, new documentation may be required. If you have this documentation, please upload it to your ClockWork Portal and then make an appointment with Amber Larson or Kaylynne Mahone.

Students with Approved Accommodations for Extended Time:

The most used accommodation on Wooster’s campus is the use of extended time on exams. Students with approved testing accommodations will receive a weekly reminder email that contains detailed instructions regarding testing policies and procedures as well as the link to the test request form. In advance of receiving this email please read the following information carefully.

When scheduling to take an exam in the ARC:

  1. Exams are administered between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.
  2. Students must schedule their exams at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled exam. Monday exam requests must be made by the afternoon of the previous Thursday.
  3. Students must arrive early for their exam booking times for timely administration. If you expect a delay, please notify the ARC as soon as you can.
  4. Students who need to cancel or move an exam should do so as soon as they become aware of the need.
  5. Students may be asked to take their exam at an alternative time if their extended time accommodation would conflict with the meeting times of other courses in their schedule. In these instances, students should refer to the weekly reminder and instruction details for how to schedule an appropriate time which would end with ample time to arrive at their next class.

Please refer to this link to the Weekly Reminder and Instructions for Academic Resource Center Test Scheduling here if you need. Questions about testing accommodations and bookings should be directed to Matthew Wright.

 Academic Resource Center Test Request Form

Renewal of Housing/Dining Accommodations:

Students who have been previously approved for housing and/or dining accommodations will need to notify ARC staff of their request for renewal of this accommodation each year by February 1st. Housing accommodations are not automatically reassigned to students each year. Students do not need to provide updated documentation unless they are seeking new accommodations or wish to extend temporary accommodations.

Application Deadlines for Housing/Dining Accommodations:

  • Fall housing for continuing students: Feb. 1st
  • Summer housing for continuing students and late fall requests: April 15th
  • Fall housing for first year and transfer students: June 1st
  • Spring housing for new accommodation requests: November 1st

*Please see the Academic Resource Center’s Policies and Procedures Handbook for the definition of a qualified licensed professional.

For more information on ADA Policies and Procedures, please view this page.