The most important responsibilities of every member of the science community is to conduct research responsibly and safely. Safety should be the cornerstone on which research protocols and researcher behavior is built. Each person, student, faculty, or staff member is responsible for anticipating how their research can be conducted in a way that protects their own health and the safety of others. The safety training we provide at the start of each academic year is intended to educate and reinforce our commitment to thoughtful and safe research conduct.

Severance Hall and Ruth W. Williams Hall of Life Sciences

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Building Policies Severance Hall and Williams Hall

Laboratory Safety Training is now tracked through Moodle

  • Attend Safety Training I (required in-person) to gain access to training information
    • Mandatory attendance for students, faculty, and staff working in Severance Hall or Ruth W. Williams Hall of Life Sciences.
  • Dates, times, and locations may be found on the Department of Chemistry’s Seminars and Events Inside Chemistry page.

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Lab Citizenship and Responsibilities for Students

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