Why major in Philosophy?

Do you like discussing controversial issues? Do you enjoy examining perspectives different from your own? Consider majoring in Philosophy. If you want to learn to think more carefully, creatively and deeply, philosophy is for you.

The Double Major

Students often find their interest in philosophy fits nicely with their interests in other fields, such as art, English, political science, mathematics, physics, or chemistry. Philosophy is really at the heart of all fields of study, since the earliest academics were philosophers, and they blended their vies about nature, religion, morality, and politics into complex philosophical views. In keeping with this tradition, many students choose to combine their interests into a double major. Recently, Wooster students have paired their philosophical studies with economics, computer science, English, art, history, mathematics and anthropology. We encourage our double majors to integrate their two areas of study in innovative ways, especially with regard to their Independent Study Thesis.

Our Program

Our courses reflect the wide scope of philosophy. We offer courses in the philosophy of art, religion, education, law, science, language, mind, politics, race and gender, as well as ethics, logic, existentialism, Indian philosophy, and comparative philosophy.

More About Us

Visit our department in Scovel Hall. We have posted information about our faculty, current majors, career opportunities, the success stories of our former students, statistics about majors, as well as interesting articles from major publications about philosophy in society.