How can I send a package or mail to a College of Wooster student?

Student Name
1189 Beall Ave.
Wooster, Oh 44691

Can I arrange for my mail to be forwarded if I am away from campus for a certain period of time?

We provide USPS mail forwarding as a courtesy for all 1st class domestic mail. Mail is only forwarded during Summer break unless otherwise arranged. Please contact us if you have any questions at postoffice@wooster.edu.

What kind of mail can be forwarded?

First class USPS mail, presorted first class mail and periodicals are forward-able. All packages from non-USPS carriers are refused if a student is not on campus.

Can I receive a package on the weekend?

Yes. We are open Saturday’s 11 am – 3 pm.

Hours subject to change during break times.

How long does it take for packages to get processed?

Packages that arrive in the morning are usually all processed the same day by the afternoon. During our peak times, please allow 24 hours from the time we receive your package for the notification to show up in your email.

Can I mail a package/letter out from the Campus Post Office?

Postage for mail and packages can be purchased and mailed at the Campus Post Office. If your package has a prepaid label and is all set to be mailed out, you can bring it to the Campus Post Office. We offer UPS and FedEx shipping options as well.

How much does it cost to send a package?

The cost of sending a package depends on several factors, principally the carrier used, the weight of the package, the expedite required and its destination. The cost of sending something using the USPS, UPS or FedEx can be determined at the Post Office front desk.

Do you provide boxes?

We provide USPS Priority shipping boxes and envelopes. You can also use your own box. You can use recycled padded envelopes and boxes as well.

Do you offer other shipping options?

Yes! We offer UPS and FedEx Monday – Friday.

Can I send perishable, refrigerated, and fragile items?

Perishable, refrigerated, and fragile shipments are discouraged as the mailroom does not have adequate storage facilities. Please note that the mailroom will not be held responsible for either uncollected or perishable packages, or those that require special handling.

I am online with the USPS and my tracking number says that the mail has been delivered. Do you know where it is?

Usually the term delivered means the mail has been received at the local USPS facility, however, it does not mean that it has arrived on campus. Those pieces typically arrive at COW within 24 hours.