Campus Voting Guide

The College of Wooster is dedicated to ensuring that all of our students are well-equipped with an understanding of the democratic process and the ways in which they are able to participate in federal, state and local elections. To that end, we encourage students to think carefully about the voting options listed below and come up with a plan for voting that works best for you.

Find the most current information on registering to vote, absentee voting, election day voting and voting precincts at your home county’s Board of Elections website, or locally, at the Wayne County Board of Elections website.

Registering to Vote

All U.S. citizens who will be 18 years old by election day are eligible to vote. As a student, under federal law, you are allowed to choose either your home address or your campus address as the place where you register to vote.

Find a guide to registering to vote either at home or in Wooster (Wayne County, OH) here.

What is the street address of your dorm or campus residence?

You need to provide the specific street address of your dorm or campus residence to register to vote in Wayne County; to update your Wayne County voter registration (for example, you have moved your dorm or residence since you registered); to vote early in person, and to vote in person on Election Day.

Click here for a list of street addresses for all campus dorms and residences.

Has the Board of Elections received your voter registration?

For Ohio voter registration, check to see that yours has been received and recorded here.

Now that you’re registered…How do you vote?

Find information on voting either ABSENTEE by mail-in ballot at home or in Wayne County -or- in person in Wayne County here.

Absentee voting is the simplest way to vote. For identification, it requires only the last four digits of your social security number. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to vote absentee. NOTE: If you register to vote at one of our tabling events, we can help you request your absentee ballot at the same time to save you the extra step later.

If you vote in person, either early or on Election Day, you will need an Ohio driver’s license, a state-issued Ohio ID,  military ID, or passport for identification.

If you vote in person on Election Day – Which precinct are you in?

Wooster’s campus is divided into three different precincts. The map below shows the voting precinct for your dorm or campus residence. Currently, there are two locations serving the three precincts for voting in person on Election Day: St.Mary’s Parish Hall, 527 Beall Ave., for precincts 2-B and 2-C, and Connection Church, 1633 Portage Rd. for precinct 2-D. Polling locations based on your campus residence address and voting precinct can be found here or on the Wayne County Board of Elections website.