The College of Wooster is dedicated to ensuring that all of our students are well-equipped with an understanding of the democratic process and the ways in which they are able to participate in federal, state and local elections. To that end, we encourage students to think carefully about the voting options listed below and come up with a plan for voting that works best for you.

Are you registered?

Check your voter registration status to see that it has arrived and been processed.

I am registered to vote in Wayne County… Now what?

Check to make sure your voter registration has arrived and been processed.

What is your campus address?

If students are voting early in-person, you need to provide your specific street address of your residence hall.  Likewise, any student who lost their utility letter and wants to vote on Tuesday, will need to vote provisionally, and in order to do so will need to provide the street address for your residence hall. Click here for a list of all campus addresses.

Which precinct are you in?

Keep in mind that Wooster’s campus is divided into different precincts. Please take a look at this map for where your residence hall is located and what precinct you will vote with. This will change your polling location. For polling locations based on precinct, please visit: