Inside BCMB

BCMB Curriculum Committee
Seated: Paul Edmiston, Annastassia Gallo, Erzsébet Regan (Chair)
Standing: James West, Sara Martin, Stephanie Strand, Mark Snider, William Morgan, Rebecca Williams

Because this major is administered jointly by the biology and chemistry departments, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors will find valuable information and resources on the Inside Biology and the Inside Chemistry site.

Over the last ten years, Wooster students have consistently been recognized for the quality and depth of their research at the ASBMB National Poster Competition

Takoda Zuehlke ’23, an advisee of Mark Snider, Robert E. Wilson Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, earned one of three honorable mentions at the National ASBMB Undergraduate Research Poster Competition in the category of enzyme structure-function for his work with the enzyme, NicC.

I.S. Symposium

I.S. Symposium is an annual event to celebrate the hard work of our seniors. Congratulations to the Class of 2023. Meet our seniors through the Department of Chemistry and Program of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Sway.

Wooster students claim prizes at National Experimental Biology Meeting

Since 2010, five Wooster students have won honorable mention awards, but this year, Joel Brown ‘22 won the top prize with a cash award of $500, and Robby Beal ‘22 won an honorable mention prize. It is the first time a Wooster student has won the top prize in the poster competition, according to Professor Snider. The students competed in Category 5 – Proteins: Structure and Enzymology.

Summer Opportunities for research and internships are opening up for 2023.