Inside Chemistry

Mission Statement

The Department of Chemistry advances the intellectual and personal development of every student in our broad chemistry community within the liberal arts.  We recognize that good science requires diversity, which we promote through inclusive practices in the classroom and research laboratory.  Faculty are passionate teachers, invested mentors, and active researchers who are committed advocates for inclusion.  Students develop the fundamental chemical knowledge, technical skills, communication abilities, and critical thinking to become independent scholars.  Our emphasis on collaborative and interdisciplinary learning inspires our students to be clear communicators, culturally competent citizens, and engaged leaders who address complex global problems through science at the molecular level

Front Row
Jennifer Faust (Chair), Annastassia Gallo, Paul Bonvallet, Mark Snider
Paul Edmiston, Ellyn Evans, Sara Martin, Sarah Sobeck, James West, Brett Baker

Not Pictured: Mostafa Abdelaziz

Chemistry – Areas of Study

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I.S. Symposium – April 21

I.S. Symposium is an annual event to celebrate the hard work of our seniors. Congratulations to the Class of 2023. Meet our seniors through the Department of Chemistry and Program of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Sway.