Successful Graduates

Wooster graduates with degrees in biology have chosen careers in a broad range of fields, from medicine, biological research, veterinary medicine, environmental law, exercise physiology, and cytotechnology, to art illustration, teaching, wildlife and fisheries management, evolutionary biology, and public health.

Over half our graduates go on to continue their education at professional schools such as medical, veterinary, dental, or nursing schools at schools like Case Western, The Ohio State University, or Washington University (St. Louis) or in graduate programs at universities such as Yale, Michigan, UC Davis, UCLA, Columbia, Harvard, George Washington University, and Duke.

Kevin Degroot ’13

Kevin just started his second year of medical school at Ohio University Heritage College of Os-teopathic Medicine.

Jason “Jay” Farrell ’03

Jay attended medical school at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine from 2005 – 2009. He currently lives in Washinton, DC and is in his last year of residency at Walter Reed National Military Medi-cine in Urologic Surgery.

Gillian “Jill” “Rasmussen” Karatinos M.S. M.D. ’65

Jill is a practicing neuropsychiatrist in Lutz, FL She loved her major in Biology at Wooster. Cell physiology with Dr. Wise, my mentor, was her favorite course. After 16 years of practicing general medicine, then going back to train in psychiatry at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, she has now practiced neuropsychiatry for 19 years. Last October 2013, Jill self published a book on 15 of my most complex patients called THE ROLE OF THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM IN PSYCHIATRY. She sent copies of the book to Wooster to be distributed to the library and to the chairman of your department. She is currently working on a second edition with much more information, hopefully to be published this fall. Jill also just passed her second recertification in general psychiatry in Feb. 2014. She is on the 50th reunion committee and is trying to help organize a talk on the role changes for women from 1965 to the present for their upcoming reunion in June of 2015. She is planning to fund a scholarship in neuroscience, with her husband, with preference for women students.

Sateesh Venkatesh ’10

Sateesh is currently working in India with a program called the Gerry Martin Project. He is working to make conservation more accessible to more people and build awareness and activism within local communities. The program was set up by Gerry Martin a prominent herpetologist along with a few other conservationist here in India.

Cheryl Cuglewski ’01

Cheryl lives in Pittsburgh and works as a Radiation Oncology nurse, recently earning her OCN certification.

Leah Mycoff ’06

Leah just finished classes for her Doctor of Physical Therapy at the MGH Institute of Health Pro-fessions at Boston. She is looking forward to her year-long clinical internship at Cape Ann Physical Therapy and ex-pects to get her license in February.

Jim Witter ’07

Jim is working to build on the foundation left by his predecessor at the Wood County Park District and provide excellent programming to Wood County citizens while working on other projects benefiting the parks. He also became the program coordinator last spring and is adjusting to this new role.

Casey Hudak ’11

Casey just completed the didactic phase of his masters of science in physician assistant studies, and is starting his clinical year with rotations in surgery, OBGYN, pediatrics, and endocrinology.

Gideon Dunster ’13

Casey just started a PhD program in the Biology department at the University of Washington. He is currently in rotations, and will begin classes this September.

Cameron Daniels ’12

Cameron is currently living in Morgantown WV. He continues to work for Stryker Orthope-dics as a sales rep with his sales territory located in north central West Virginia. He sells total joints, trauma products, and biologics.

Ben Bellamy ’12

Ben has been the education coordinator at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and will be moving to Okemos Michigan where he will be an outdoor educator at the Howell Nature Center.